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Business models and practices social media and off-the-shelf

business Masters

We’re witnessing a move to the world of direct-to-consumer businesses. The word on everyone’s lips in the world of consumer entrepreneurship is direct to the consumer. These kinds of businesses have changed the way customers spend their money and forced traditional players to rethink their business models and practices social media and off-the-shelf
e-commerce tools mean it’s easier to start a business than ever
before and this has given rise to a whole bunch of companies that
design markets sell and ship their products themselves by bypassing middlemen but building a DTC business is no easy feat, and so in this research discussion, we will explore the entrepreneurial journey by reading and analyzing paper 16 (page 237).

Please read the paper carefully and watch the video which discusses these issues with three successful entrepreneurs in this field. Then address the following question and support your discussions with other academic resources.

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Business models and practices social media and off-the-shelf
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  1. What is your overall evaluation of this particular study? Only 50 words!
  2. Do you think the same concept is applicable here in the USA? Only 100 words!
  3. Which one of the three strategies do you find more pertinent? Why? Only 50 words!
  4. Given that the pure-online and the multi-touch-point strategy are mutually exclusive, in what manner do you think they can be combined into direct sales via a digital platform with a platform strategy? Explain!

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