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Annotated bibliography – for Essays Guru


Task: Create an annotated bibliography of four sources that could be used for your research project, including only articles from scholarly journals. Please select scholarly Journal only option

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Annotated bibliography – for Essays Guru
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Length: Four citations, each with an annotation of 150 +/- 25 words (125-175 words each). The entire completed assignment should be at least 600 words.

Sources: Four sources related to your research question, from scholarly journal articles ( Please select scholarly Journal only option). All four sources should be high-quality sources that you can use in your research project.


The annotated bibliography is part of your research project, which examines a current issue or event in the news from the perspective of your field of study. The annotated bibliography builds on your work from the first few weeks of class selecting an appropriate topic and then developing a more focused research question. Indicate your research question at the top of your annotated bibliography, just below the title.

What to do

Following the explanation in the videos posted in class (The Annotated Bibliography) and the Sample Annotated Bibliography, create an annotated bibliography of four sources. For each source, include:

● Reference citation in APA format ● Annotation of 150 ±25 words, formatted in a single paragraph, with

○ summary ○ evaluation ○ use

You may (but do not have to) use CiteFast to create your reference citations. If you use CiteFast, be sure to check for accuracy and make any necessary corrections.

Formatting your assignment

Incorporate these elements of APA style:

● Use one-inch margins. ● Double space. ● Use an easy-to-read font between 10-point and 12-point. ● Reference citations should be formatted with a hanging indent. ● Organize the annotated bibliography in alphabetical order, according to the first word of

each reference citation. Remember to include your research question below your title.


Format each annotation in a single paragraph.

Note: Title page is not required, but make sure you include your name and a title that reflects your topic at the top of the first page. Below the title, indicate your research question.



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