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Studies to assess child protection needs

Worksheet 4 : Case Studies to assess child protection needs

Case Study : Clive Age: 7 years old

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Studies to assess child protection needs
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Clive has been brought to you by his teacher.

Clive seems to literally be “carrying the world on his shoulders”. His handsome little face seemed to be pondering why an adult actually wants to talk with him. He resides with his sister, brother-in-law and their two children. He appeared to be a very smart child and has some faded marks on his hands and legs, clear indications of beatings he had suffered over a period of time. He is unkempt. At seven years old Clive still wears pampers. His teacher indicated that he has problems retaining his faeces, which she speculated could be a result of abuse. When asked questions about sharing any bad thing that he has ever experienced he readily responds “my big sister does beat me nearly every day. Day before yesterday I get licks on my belly and me foot. She does beat me with shoes, slippers, belt, whip anything. A time she pelt me with a big brick and burst me head then she put antibiotic on it. I does got to wash my clothes, clean de concrete, fetch water and sweep de yard.” “Everybody does beat me even me lil nephew, he is two. My mother does beat me too when she come. She burst me mouth already, and a time she black and blue me face. Me brother-in-law does beat me for everything. He does beat me with rope, wire and big wood. I ent like no body in my house; only my lil niece, she is five she don’t beat me, she does play with me and she does cry when anybody knock me.

1. What are the forms of abuse in this case? 2. What are the needs of Clive from the Assessment Framework which have to be addressed in

this case? 3. For each need identified in 2 above, how would you seek to address the needs?

Case Study : Ram Age : 14 years old

Ram drank poison and was found by his grandmother. He has been brought to your hospital for treatment. The antidote has been applied.

Ram’s grandmother is 67 years old and she says that Ram lives with his mother and father. Ram’s father drinks alcohol and when he is drunk, he beats Ram’s mother. Ram has tried to stop his father from beating his mother. Ram’s mother has been calling Ram a “no good” and tells him that he is like his father since

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