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Unwrapping the ELAN Standards

Successful teachers analyze grade-specific state or national academic content standards as they prepare instruction. By analyzing these standards at grade level, as well as above and below grade level, educators gain clear insight into the skills their students must master to be successful in their future. By unwrapping the standards, teachers move students toward greater understanding, help them be successful in the next grade, and ultimately lead students to enhanced independence in their learning.

Complete the “Unwrapping the ELAN Standards Template” for the topic assignment:

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Unwrapping the ELAN Standards
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· Select a K-8 grade level of your choice.

· Identify the state or national ELAN content standards for your chosen grade level associated with the reading, writing, and listening and speaking strands.

· Find the corresponding ELAN standard for the previous grade level, as well as the grade level that follows.

For each standard identified, complete the following:

· Bold the nouns or noun phrases (e.g., the concepts that students need to know).

· Highlight the verbs or verb phrases (e.g., the skills students need to be successful).

· Describe one instructional strategy or activity, per ELAN standard, aligned to the identified standards.

· In a 100-150 word rationale, explain how each instructional strategy or activity encourages complex thinking and problem-solving.

Support your findings with 2-3 scholarly resources.

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