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RSCH 600 Research Proposal writing

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RESEARCH PROPOSAL – PART 1: INTRODUCTION, REVIEW OF LITERATURE, PROBLEM STATEMENT, RESEARCH QUESTIONS Due at the end of week 6 (Sunday May 23, 2021 at midnight) You need to conduct some research related to your own interests or to serve the interests of some organization (employer/client/sponsor). Before you start writing a formal proposal, you (or your employer/client/sponsor) would like to gather some information about the problem as well as understand its importance. Choose your research topic thoughtfully and submit the topic of your research proposal for approval the latest by the end of Week 2 (Sunday April 25, 2021 at midnight). You can find the submission box in Week 2. This part of your research proposal should be roughly 7-9 pages (excluding cover page, references and annex) and written in paragraphs, report format. All citations and references for this course are to be done in the APA style. HERE ARE THE KEY PARTS OF THIS PART OF THE PROPOSAL (PART 1): Title of your research Make it intriguing – (BUT LESS THAN 120 CHARACTERS) Introduction/Background Provide a brief description of what the proposed research topic is about, why is it important and how you came to be interested in it. Literature Review The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills in finding and analyzing valid literary resources for your research. The review should be written in an integral / synthetic style, and NOT as an annotated bibliography. Please note: Use in-text citations to reference all ideas, concepts, text, and data that are not your own. If you make a statement, back it up with a reference!

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