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2 page paper on the play “for colored girls who considered suicde when the rainbow is enuf”

Using multiple examples, (at least two) discuss signifying, tonal semantics, narrative sequencing and/or call and response, in For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.

In your essay define the term and explain the importance of each Black Discourse Mode to understanding the play. Please include page numbers from the play in MLA format.

  • When in-class essays are assigned, you are expected to write a 3 page double spaced pages addressing the assigned topic.
  • These essays are not to be mere summaries of the readings; instead they should be your careful evaluative reactions to the material.
  • You may agree or disagree, but MUST PRESENT with citations (quotes and examples from the novel), you must address the assigned topic..
  • Please proofread your work. At this level, your grade should not be subjected to “sloppy” mechanics.Professional appearance, spelling, and grammar will be taken into consideration in evaluating your essays, papers, and oral presentations.
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